Monday, March 17, 2008

Last Night and This Morning

ring, ring.

Alba, sounding out of breath: Michele? It's me. Quick...turn on channel 54. There's a guy on there who says we can be thin in 5 weeks. I just called Sheila...we'll talk later!

Me, turning to channel 54 and seeing a blindfolded woman eating.

ring, ring

Sheila: Hello?

Me: Hi, it's me. Alba just called and said we'll be thin in 5 weeks. Are you watching?

Sheila: nope...too many TV watchers right now, but I am taping it. What's it about?

Me: I'm thinking that if we eat blindfolded we'll be thin in 5 weeks...

insert lots of laughter here.

Me: Got any chocolate?

Sheila: I've got cake! Want some?

Me: Do I have to eat it blindfolded?

And that is how I scored some mighty fine chocolate cake last night while watching National Treasure.


This morning, one little boy decided to ride his bike the whole giant 1 block to school. Way, way too cute!

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