Saturday, March 15, 2008



As in, Super Smash for wii.

As in, my boys are ALL happy, all at the SAME time.


Brian had friends over and they played last night. Matthew and Alex stayed up until the wee hours playing...normally I would tell them to go to bed, but they were actually in the same room and no growls were heard, so I let them be.

Bonding over smashing things. I guess it's a boy thing.

The only thing missing is the head boy in our family...he has that thing called a job which is keeping him from home all weekend. At last count it was 4 recitals, a concert, preview day, and 4 hours worth of scholarship auditions. He keeps sending me texts that say, 'Friday'. Over and over and over.

I'm thinking that means he has Friday off, so I need to plan something fun. I'm kinda sorta leaning towards that place that starts with 'Disney' and ends with 'land'. A little Tower of Terror, a little stroll down Main Street, and a big pizzetta salad to share...

Yesterday was packed full of events, including the jog-a-thon at Brian's school. He's a squinter, like his mom...

Basically, kids run for 30 minutes and the school raises close to $30,000.00. Much needed since the state with the 3rd to the bottom lowest test scores in the nation is once again cutting programs for next year.

The elementary school and the middle school share a huge field, so I watched Brian run and Alex play in a 3x3 basketball tourney at the same time. Very cool.

After all the driving last night getting kids to and fro, to and fro, I sat in a chair with my favorite million dollar hairstylist, a glass of wine and said goodbye to 10 inches of my hair. Donated to Locks of Love. Kinda strange washing it this morning!

( one is home, so I had to take it myself!) is supposed to be rainy all day. So far no rain, but I am cooking a rainy day meal anyway. Beef stew, which I'll throw in the oven and let it cook slowly all afternoon. Matthew has to work a Bingo that he is 18 he can work his own, and he is thrilled. Not. However, he earns $40.00 a shift, so tonight he is working 2 back to back shifts earning money for his choir trip to SF next month. Yet another trip, yet another check...

M is supposed to pop home for supper in between a recital and a concert...I think he said he'll have 45 minutes off. Poor guy. Brian and I are going to Target...he has Christmas money to spend and we are out of cat food. Other than that, we're just hanging out today...seems strange with no basketball!


  1. Parallel lives; B will be home for 25 minutes during rehearsal break.
    Is that your hair AFTER you cut it, or before? It looks so healthy & silky!


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