Monday, March 10, 2008

Highs and Lows

High: Alex's team winning two back to back games on Saturday...and watching my son play so amazingly well. Really well.
Low: Losing two back to back games on Sunday.

High: Matthew auditioning and getting accepted into a music conservatory for next year, with the offer of free money. Out with one college, in with another, but he has found his place.
Low: Praying that the housing works out!

High: Grandma and Grandpa in town for Maddie's 5th birthday party.
Low: Having to miss her party because of the tournament. Love you, Maddie!

High: Lots of time with boys this weekend....together and separate. And one really, really late night fun talk with Matthew and Alex.
Low: a very snarky email from a guy at our church. I need to pray about it, forgive, and let it go.

High: The cat brought me a present...a real live bird, in the house, with only Brian and I home.
Low: see above.

High: My father-in-law, a paper towel and a lunch bag to the rescue.
Low: see above.

High: Brian worked on his book report all by himself, including the poster, and did an amazing job.
Lows: Walking him to school and seeing the other posters and remembering that no 4th graders ever do their own work.

High: Lunch outside at Ruby's with grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles...and having the balloon guy come.
Low: When was the last time my family ate a fruit or vegetable?

High: A fresh pot of coffee on this Monday morning after this incredibly busy, but fun weekend.
Low: Realizing that even that pot of coffee isn't helping a whole lot on this Monday morning after this incredibly busy, but fun weekend.


  1. "the last time your family ate a fruit or vegtable?"
    I thought you had a garden, and put the rest of us to shame! Rachel doesn't eat veggies - ever. My boys call her thin, pale and sickly. I'll send her to you, and see if you can get her to eat veggies

  2. Believe me...teachers prefer it when kids do their own work...and we can tell when parents do it! I could have thrown a hissy fit last week when one of my first grade students told me his mom was going to write his homework project for him because he was too busy (and I gave them a full week to write the single-paragraph project!). At least it came back in his own handwriting. When I was working as an aide, a paper was very obviously written by a parent and was not even close to the students's own work or handwriting. This third grade boy said, "My mom said to tell you that my handwriting changes when my mood changes!" He definitely ratted mom out on that one. Kids can be unwittingly honest.

    So tell us about M's school...who offered scholarships and where is he planning to go?


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