Saturday, March 8, 2008

Super Saturday

The newest neighborhood

I think one of the things I love about living somewhere for so long is that what comes around and goes away will definitely come around again.

We have a shed full of boys stuff from big brothers...including tons of hockey gear, which the younger crowd discovered in a moment of boredom.


Yesterday, my mother-in-law and I squeezed in a trip to Claro's...check out their Easter special.

Goat anyone?

I'm told it sells out, so buy early! thanks, I'm watching what I eat this year.

Last night M had his 'home from tour' concert and while I know I am biased, it was amazing. Brian spent the night at a friends, Matthew brought Jenn, and Alex brought cheez-its and capri-sun's. No kidding. His pockets were loaded with food, which he munched on through-out the night. He was STARVING, MOM! by the end, so Grandma and Grandpa drove him through the McD's drive-thru on the long 3 mile drive home.

Call him spoiled.


We came home to some Prosecco and the movie Chocolat, which made this morning come a little too quickly. Matthew and M had to be out the door bright and early for yet another audition, Alex has back to back to back games today and Brian is due home from his sleep-over at any minute. Matthew also has drum corps and we are all supposed to be at my nieces 5th birthday party, but I am running out of hours in the day.

And we lose one more of them tonight.

Sometime this weekend a confirmation paper has to be written, a book report researched and an unruly palm tree needs to be dealt with. I'm tired of being poked everytime I walk by and M is tired of bbq-ing frawns (is that what they're called?) everytime he grills...but bigger than that, our association is tired of it growing through our fence.

Now, trimming a palm tree is as much fun as playing catch with a bee hive full of angry bees, so we are content with being poked while walking by and grilling the frawns while bbq-ing.

But a letter from the association is like being grounded, so we are grounded until it gets taken care of...we'll be flipping a coin to see who gets the fun job.



  1. I'm up for some goat served with some goat milk and some goat cheese.

    If you do decide to buy a goat but they are gone when you get there, please oh please use the phrase, "What got your goat!"

    Why don't you just cut the palm tree down and start over, they grow pretty fast since they are basically weeds.

  2. First, get a saw and chop down the tree - just make sure it drops on your side of the fence! That leaves your grilling area open.

    Second, go order your goat.

    Third, pick up your goat and put it on the grill.

    Fourth, don't call me for dinner!


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