Friday, November 30, 2012

This Week's Recap

This week I put on long sleeves and (gasp) closed toe shoes (as in clogs), tucked my work phone into one back pocket and my personal phone in the other and headed to Disneyland with that guy that I like so much.

I gave up on the hair argument long ago...I mean, it's JUST hair.  The moment I did, all my boys buzzed their heads and became super low maintenance in the hair department...but this kid?  His mother must be biting her tongue.


 The reason for the Disney trip was because I NEEDED a corn dog.  Main Street USA seriously has the BEST corn dogs on the planet and I had to have one.  The we walked by the Carnation Plaza on our way to get lunch, I smelled pancakes.  And not just any pancakes, but oatmeal apple cinnamon granola pancakes.

Forget the corn dog...I needed pancakes.  And let me tell you, they were worth every. single. bite.

There's always next week for a corn dog.


I bought the candy for the boys Advent calendars (made by my Mom many years ago.  And Happy Birthday, Mom!)) and got a little teary eyed as I was filling them.  Matteo no longer lives here, but I filled it with his favorites anyway and then threatened the duo that does sleep under this not touch his candy.

He can eat it when he comes home for Christmas.  

We've been living at the gym.  The babe of the family is known as 'bull dog' on his fun watching him play.  We finally bit the bullet and met the other parents and (gulp) we like them.  It's going to be fun.


Today was a big meeting for work, followed by laundry, followed by supper, followed by a basketball game.  Once home tonight I had one of those ugly parenting moments with my middle son that I'd rather not think about but will keep me awake most of tonight as I over analyze it again and again.  

Oh well.

I'm in need of a weekend.  I'm glad I don't' have to wait long for it.


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  1. Oh, I hate those ugly parent moments. We seem to be having them more frequently lately. Our big fight right now is getting the youngest to basketball! He wanted to start a new league because that is what all his friends were going to do this year. Well, of course none of his buddies are on the team with him and now he doesn't want to go. The mr. and I are trying to impart the lesson of taking on a a responsiblity and keeping it. But, I sure hate the battle!


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