Monday, November 26, 2012

Feeling Rested

The day after Thanksgiving I had a moment of panic...there was just enough turkey for a handful of sandwiches.  What to do?  What to do?

And then it came to me...thaw the extra turkey and cook it, because everyone should cook another 20 lb turkey the day after Thanksgiving.   And while it might seem crazy...and while most of the males in my house thought I was seriously off my rocker, not one of them complained when they were shoving huge sandwiches in their faces at 11:00pm each night.


The baby was the only one who didn't question...his prize?  The drumstick.  He became mighty popular while his brothers tried to bribe him out of no avail.


I took a deep breath and ran my old favorite trail on Saturday morning...the trail that the rattlesnakes love just much as I do.  The weather has cooled down so I gave it a snakes for the 5 miles that I was on it, but I was so tense by the time that I was done that it just wasn't worth it.

The snakes win.  They can have it.  I'll only go back if I am with someone butch.

Sunday found us eating Turkish brunch at my favorite place to neighbors house.  Man oh man oh man...I sat at that table and didn't speak.  Too many good things to eat at one table.  Yum.  Plus, I have totally adopted my family into theirs...they have absolutely no say in the matter.

There is laughter and fun stories and lovely people and great just makes me remember my childhood.  I love that.


The tribe.  Their stories had me rolling on the floor...though I have decided to start charging them for every grey hair they've given me.  

I'm going to be a wealthy woman.

Monday  It's back to real life after a most wonderful week off.  The house is in pretty good shape and the laundry is not only done, but folded and put away.  I need to be on the road and in a city 30 minutes away before the sun even rises but I feel so rested and relaxed from this past week that I am ready to hit the ground running.

Ask me on Wednesday if I'm still feeling that way...I'm hoping I'll say yes.


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