Friday, November 23, 2012


This year, I am just thankful.  I can't even begin to begin...if that makes any sense at all, but I will try.

I am thankful for my health.  A little over a year ago, I was facing a rather scary for me diagnosis and was forced to change things up in my life.  And, with the help of some great doctors and a bigger than me God, I did.  A year ago, I never would have stepped foot into boot camp but this year?  I'm (gulp) 85 pounds lighter than last year.   I'm thankful.

 I'm thankful that my boys were all home over this Thanksgiving break.  I love that they take over the whole house.  I love that they eat a lot.  I love that they keep late hours and sleep half the day.  I love that they drive me absolutely crazy.

The night before Thanksgiving found all 5 of us at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles for, well... chicken and waffles.  We then went to church, sat in our favorite pew and sang hymns, prayed prayers and took communion.  

To say that I was moved would be putting it mildly...and I am thankful for all of it.

After church?  Ice cream.  Lots and lots of ice cream.  Thankful for that, too.


I'd also like to put on my thankful list...friends.  I have so many, many 'best' friends.  I love that I was taught from a young age that women need girlfriends, because it is so true.  Friends who laugh, who hold me accountable, who cry when I cry, who pray with me and for me, who love me just because I am me.  

I'm thankful for family.  I was blessed with one and then married into another.  Where to begin...I just can't, but I am reminded yet again of how much my life is planned for.  From this man that chose to marry me, whom I don't deserve, to these children I was told that I would never have to parents and cousins and aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews and everything in between.  Blessed.  Very, very blessed.

I'm thankful for my little house on my little street.  It's small.  It's cookie cutter.  It costs a lot because of where it sits.  But it's ours and we've worked hard for it....and still need to.  I was home with my boys, not working, for 19 years...a dream of mine that I lived.  The sacrifice?  Real estate.  I can easily live with that.

I'm thankful for laughter.  Man, do I love to laugh.  I know that sounds cooky, but there are many who choose not to laugh...and life just seems so dreadful without laughter.  I actually get that because there have been times when life's been hard and laughter didn't come easy.  Thankfully, my little world is filled with crazy, wacky people who make me laugh on a daily basis...they also make me cry, but that's another story.


I'm thankful for some really strange things...and one of those would be the art of bathing.  Give me my tub filled with warm, bubbly water, a few candles lit and a movie on my computer and I can easily soak for an hour.  It's quiet, it's calm, it's warm, and it's boy-free.  

I'm thankful for that guy that I like so much.  Basically...he likes me and I like him.  We've got a good thing going and the ride we're on?  Fun.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.



  1. Lovely post. I think it is so wonderful that the boys wore the construction paper headbands. Perfect!

  2. 85 pounds! You go, girl! Keep up the great work and healthy lifestyle. Now I'm off to do some walk aerobics with my Leslie Sansone DVD. At 24 degrees with a wind chill of 16, it's waaaay to cold for a walk/jog outside!

  3. Michele,
    You are truly an inspiration. I hope you can motivate me to lose some weight. I know you hike, do you watch your diet, also? Great pictures of your family. You are truly blessed.
    Denise C.


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