Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why I Can Never Be A Food Blogger

I love weekends where we don't have much going on...they're rare, so I try and just breathe them in when they happen.

Saturday night?  Nuthin'.  Absolutely nuthin'.

Just me, that guy that I like so much, and a couple of boys.

Add in a bottle of champagne and some left-over olives that our friend Bulent made...cracked green olives with loads of lemon and olive oil and garlic, well,  there's no better way to celebrate a 'there's nuthin' on the calendar tonight' night.

For reals.

The daytime was spent cleaning the backyard (a 'storm' was moving in) and doing laundry and watching some basketball...but the night?  

Just me on my stool with the newest Bon Appetit magazine.

In our backyard, we have the most amazing lemon tree that grows lemons the size of softballs...they're big and ugly and have super thick skins and are so juicy.

Homemade lemonade with these puppies is a dream because they are the perfect blend of sweet and sour.

So usually, as I am sitting on my stool having a cocktail, I consider being a food blogger...the kind that takes step by step pictures of these great meals that they are making, rather than half eaten plates of food like I normally do.

And then I start cooking.  And talking to boys.  And playing Words with Friends on my phone.  And continuing my sip-age of my champagne.

And then I am done cooking and my vultures are all hovering and then it's all gone...unless I remember after a bite or two to take a picture.

Food bloggers...I am a little jealous, but it's so not my gift.  


One of those recipes that I make often because all my boys like it, it's easy and I always have all the ingredients on hand...including the massive lemons from my little tree.

Chicken Piccata

4 chicken breasts (boneless, skinless, pounded thin)
1/2 cup flour
2 eggs, beaten
olive oil
1/2 bottle white wine (I usually use a cheap pinot grigio)
juice of two lemons
1 T butter
2 T capers (I use more like 1/4 cup)
Linguini or spaghetti

Put flour in a shallow bowl and season well with salt and pepper.  Crack eggs into another bowl and season well with salt and pepper.  Heat approx.  2 T olive oil in a large non-stick skillet, dip chicken first in flour, then in egg and add to pan.  Saute until golden brown on each side, remove to a plate.  Add wine, lemon juice, butter and capers, stir all together until hot and bubbly.  Season with salt and pepper.  Add chicken back in and simmer until chicken is cooked through, about 10 minutes.  Serve over pasta (or rice).
Feeds 4 normal people; I double this when I have all my boys home.


  1. You can do it!!! Become a food blogger. The only down fall is....I have not had a warm meal in 2 years. lol

  2. I am soooooo jealous of that lemon tree and those perfect lemonade lemons

  3. Thank you for the recipe. This "cream of chicken cooking" kinda gal could actually make that...I know (sort of?!) how to follow recipes!

  4. I'm totally making this tonight to surprise the future husband when he comes over after work!


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