Monday, March 12, 2012

High Five

One...german apple pancake, minus the apples and plus some pears.

Two...iPhone auto correct.  It makes me laugh.

 Three...a very, very delicious bottle of wine, sipped on a Sunday afternoon. I love that it is from the city of Montepulciano where I once watched lightening strike the street I was standing on while holding my baby in my arms.  Scary, yet kinda a 'I'm in shock and I don't know what to do' sorta way.

We obviously lived to talk about it...not that my baby remembers.

Four...the above wine?  Brought over by good friends, who came and sat at our little table in our little house and helped us laugh the weekend away while we dreamed out loud about living in Europe and growing figs.  And kumquats.  And grapes. 

Life is too short to not dream out loud.

=0)  Seriously thought about driving an hour for a real (or as real as you can get in SoCal) Chicago pizza, but settled for a close by white pizza that was picked up by the boy who can drive.  


A rather lovely Sunday and in spite of losing an hour of sleep, I feel rested.  And relaxed.  And ready for the week.  

How was your weekend?

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