Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not As Planned

I had grand plans for my day today...plans of getting a pedicure and a haircut and maybe even buying a new pair of jeans.

And when I woke up and turned on my phone at 6:00am it was as if all was not right in the crossing guard world.  Lots of people calling in sick (11),  locking their keys in their cars (3) and then having to rush out and deal with an accident in the field...and my morning of happiness turned into dealings with the police department and incident reports and phone calls.

Oh well.  That's how the wind blows.

I did manage to mop the floors and clean both bathrooms and catch up on laundry so while it wasn't the day I had planned, lots got accomplished.

And then at 5:15pm, I ran out of my house and into a very happy Happy Hour with my girlfriends where I ate the most amazing sweet potato fries ever (at JD Schmids), drank no fewer than 3 diet cokes and talked for two hours without coming up for air.


My youngest has changed so much in the last few months...gone are all signs of babyhood from his body (and his voice!) and he is now 4 inches taller than me.  FOUR INCHES.  After twenty some years with a little squirt in the house,  I am now realizing that he is no longer a little squirt but a full on teenager. 

When he grows up he wants to be a boss.  No self esteem issues with him.


More changes?

Brian is all set for next year...we've settled on a high school for him (same one as his'd think it would've been an easy decision, but it wasn't) and he's feeling ready to move on from middle school.  My oldest chose his grad school, traveled and spent a day there yesterday and I am thinking he is feeling a peace about the end, it kind of fell into his lap.

Still in the planning stages?  The boy in the middle.  He's graduating high school and has three plans...all good, yet all different.  His path will be a little more untraditional (but not in a bad way) than that of his brothers...but then again, his path has never been 'traditional', so why start now?


These pictures?

All found on my camera.  Here's the scene:  Two boys plus a friend.  A pan of warm brownies, cooling on the counter.  A mama who runs to the store for milk. She comes home to all the edges of the brownies...on the whole pan, missing.

Apparently they weren't too worried about being caught because they documented the crime.



  1. The next time your boys need to buy you a gift, maybe they could get you one of those fancy schmancy divided brownie pans where every brownie has four edges :)

  2. Whoa...grad school selected, this is great!!!


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