Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday Date

On Monday nights, that guy that I like so much conducts a late choir rehearsal after teaching/conducting all day long...and I'm usually doing either basketball or basketball (and sometimes basketball), which means we don't see each other from early morn until late at night.

But late on Monday nights, we have a date.  I make him a snack, meaning I throw cheese on a cute board (have you eaten radishes with kosher salt yet?) or a throw a funky TJ's appetizer in the oven, open a bottle of wine and we watch something trashy....like The Bachelor.

He's so tired that he doesn't complain.  Too much. 


Last night was Brian's last game with his older brother as coach.  There's just something about watching big brothers and little brothers (and we have been blessed in the brothers all getting along department...probably a boy thing?  Or an age thing?  Or long trips to Europe with no electronics thing? Whatever it is, I am thankful. Please of please Lord may their wives all get along...) in a situation like that.

So sweet.

I then made a gourmet supper of sloppy joes, tater tots and carrots with ranch dip.

And was told that I am the best cook in the world.  Usually they say that while eating frozen waffles, so I've taken a big step up.  All that cooking I do?  It's obviously for their papa.

And why is it that hydrangeas only last for ONE DAY?  I cut 'em and put them in water...is there a secret I'm missing?

This morning,  after lecturing my 18 year old with the WORST case of senioritis known to man on the importance of graduating high school (ok, it's not THAT bad but if you have followed our journey with Alex then you know to not take anything for granted) is my Bible study day.  Followed by lunch out with the girls, a little window shopping and then home to conquer a weeks worth of laundry.

That 80 degree weather this weekend, while perfect, resulted in tons of towels from the pool.  I must say, I've missed the chlorine smell.

Today?  High of 60.  

Okey Dokey.


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  1. You're complaining of 60 degree weather? It's currently 67 here, so it feels like summer! Sure beats the snow from last Friday. :)


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