Tuesday, December 6, 2011

O Christmas Tree (Stand)

The tradition of buying a Christmas tree for our little house on our little street has evolved over the years.  We've cut them down ourselves.  We've ordered them and had them delivered.  We've taken the whole family, most of the family, and once I think it was just me on a year where we just couldn't eek out the time to do it all together.

My favorite years?  The ones where it was declared by someone (a very special someone at that) that it should be a boys outing.  I think the actual someone who suggested it also tried to sell it by saying that not only would they be able to pick out the best tree ever for mama, but that mama would be waiting when they got home with hot chocolate loaded with mini marshmallows.

They'd step out the door and I would do that happy dance....the happy dance of being all alone for a little while in my little house.

Sadly, that tradition didn't last long.

This year it was just me and Brian, driving over the river and thru the woods (or up the 405 to Harbor) to Home Depot (conveniently located next to the shoe store, the barber and In n Out...one stop does it all!) where we searched through mounds of trees for the perfect one.

OK, so it was the first one we plucked out of the pile...but it was perfect.  Short, but perfect.  Or maybe everything seems shorter next to really tall boys?

They trimmed it all up for us and we threw it in the back of Alex's little pick-up truck, which is actually my little pick-up truck because Alex has not become one with a clutch yet, and drove our little tree home.

And after watching Brian drag it into the backyard I happened to notice that her trunk was just a tad, ummm, BIG.

Now years ago that guy that I like so much invested in a fancy schmancy tree stand that he has loved...you fit a cup on the bottom of the tree, plop it into the stand and from there you can easily adjust the tree with a little push of a button.

He LOVES his tree stand.  

Problem this year?  Miss Short and Stout's trunk wouldn't fit.

So out came the back up stand, found deep in the depths of junk land, and the next 30 minutes involved a lot of screwing of screws, cutting of branches, sweating of brows and muttering of words. 

At one point I wasn't sure who was gonna win...that guy that I like so much or the tree.


But in the end we have a sweet little Christmas tree.

Emphasis on little.



  1. You Always bring a smile with your blogs! Love your positive outlook on life - whatever comes your way - with the 'reality check' of a complaint or two along the way! I'll be stopping by from the mailbox this week, to see your "short & stout" tree - and exchange hugs!

  2. it is beautiful! i love it, even if it is shorter than the boys :)


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