Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday Into Saturday

Friday morning began with me working a street corner, not something I do often which is unfortunate because I look SO attractive in my bright yellow vest and big red hat.  Not to mention the ginormous stop sign. 


(a new project...more to come!)

After I worked, I shed the vest (and the hat and stop sign) and went to Mass at the church next door.  I absolutely love Catholic churches...I've spent lots of time in them in the last few years because Catholic churches are always open and you can just walk on in, have a seat and pray away.

And this Lutheran girl has needed lots of quiet church time this year.

Speaking of which, that guy that I like so much told a pastor recently that I loved to go pray in catholic churches because they are always unlocked...the pastor got kinda defensive saying that it would never be a problem to go into the church office, find the secretary, have her scramble around to find the keys to unlock the sanctuary for an hour or so so that one could go in to spend time.  Yep, cuz I wanna go thru all that?

Anyway,  I went to Mass and it turns out it was a Mass for the nuns, which I didn't realize until it was too late.  So there I sat,  just me and 20 or so nuns, and all I could think was that I need to make a 'habit' out of reading the sign before barging on in.

Enter a serious case of church giggles.

(Balboa in the morning.  Paradise.)

From there...Costco, the grocery store, the bank (to try and figure out why every time that guy that I like so much uses his debit card it says 'call service center' and now every time I write a check it says the same thing.  And no one knows why. There's money in the account, shockingly, but we can't seem to spend it.  Hmmm...a sign, perhaps?  Anyway, their advice is to close our account and re-open a new one...ugh) and then home to finally take a shower.

Last night was a concert, followed by prosecco and a wickedly good brie with some spiced nuts. need to try these.  I am having a love affair with chipotle chili powder...sprinkling it on everything for a little extra kick.

(those green olives?  castelvetrano.  find them.  buy them.  weep for joy.)

This morning, my house is a wreck...we've got 50 students coming for supper tomorrow night and stuff is EVERYWHERE.  For now, though, that guy that I like so much and I are sitting on the couch playing on our laptops while watching the food network.  He made me a gingerbread latte and stollen for breakfast...the most perfect Saturday morning breakfast ever.

Can we just sit here all day?
(yeah.  his nicer than mine.)

I guess we can't.  

He has two more concerts today and I have to cook for a party.  All stuff we like to do, but would be so much funner (that's for my grammar friends) to just hang out all day long in our jammies and watch Christmas movies.

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Can I just say that your first sentence is crazy funny, even if the reader does know what you do for a living!
    Love you friend,

  2. What am I up to this weekend? Well, I just got back from seeing Donny and Marie. My life is now complete :)

  3. You work street corners, and I'm a hooker. (yep, lots of jokes about being a rug hooker) It must run in the family!


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