Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Senses


Our little Christmas tree all lit up.  Sunshine, streaming in through filthy windows.  List upon list on the a bunch of people to feed this weekend! 


Skateboards on the ramp outside.  Christmas very favorite is Windham Hill's December.  The washer and dryer, working overtime today.


Mini burgers, sweet potato fries and an iced cold beer tasted soooo good last night.  That guy that I like so much and I stole away for a much needed date...a little easier now that Alex is driving.


The inside of the high school gym.  There's nothing like it.  My boy is back after missing the first five games of in season play.  He was so happy and played so well...I'm thinking, Sherlock, that my boy is back.

Peace.  So much to do yet I feel peace.  (Remind me of this peaceful feeling in a few days, ok?)  Also hunger.  Chili for supper...not my favorite but a definite crowd pleaser.  We eat ours over macaroni...made necessary when my boys appetites grew and our budget had not.


1 comment:

  1. ohhh, I love Christmas music sooo much. And, I am making chili this weekend for an party at church. At our house we eat ours over white rice. I may have to try the macaroni, I think the boys here would like it alot.


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