Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Little Trip to Vegas

The good:  Traveling with Alex's basketball team.  Fun families!
The bad:  The day after hosting Christmas?  Crazy!

The good:  All my boys together on the trip there.
The bad:  Gilligan style...the 4 hour drive became 7 hours, thanks to every single person in southern California deciding to travel to Vegas that day, too.

The good:  Our boys (with MY boy being the high scorer!) win a big game, defeating the state champions.  
The bad:  I miss the big game because Brian gets food poisoning and quite literally barfs for 9 hours straight.  Poor thing.  Let's just say that I will NEVER again use a hotel ice bucket without first lining it with a plastic bag.  And you shouldn't either.

The good:  Christmas in Vegas is pretty cool...all those fancy schmancy hotels all gussied up.  
The bad: People, people everywhere...including one very bad person who stole my friends wallet and charged thousands in the one hour it took for her to realize and cancel her cards. 

The good:  Buffets.  An all suites hotel.  The Wizard of Oz slot machine that went crazy when I won 2,000 pennies! Maggiano's take out.  Books on an iPad.
The bad:  Realizing that this season in life is winding down and coming to an end.  The smell of smoke in my hair.  The smell of smoke, period.

The good:  Brian recovers!  The fountains at the Bellagio.  Salt and butter NY pretzels.    
The bad:  So many cool things to see...not enough time.  Having to miss dinner reservations at Rao's.  Losing a big game by close to 30.

The good:  A safe and quick and easy trip home.
The bad:  After listening to Alex cough all the way home, we drive straight to the DR.  Hello, bronchitis.  

It feels good to be home.


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  1. Smoke? They allow smoking in Nevada? One good thing about IL is that there is NO smoking in indoor public places (restaurants, malls, offices, etc). I kinda forget about smoke, as I never have to deal with it (thankfully).


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