Monday, February 8, 2010


My boys had the day off today; however, the district right next door does I was out bright and early harassing crossing guards.

And I didn't really harass them, so no hate mail please.

But I am having to re-teach every single one of them and that whole 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' is kinda sorta true.


We then had a lazy fact, when I walked back in my door at 8:35am, my boys were still sleeping. Kinda nice.

We then putzed around...they played football and video games and ran in. And ran out. And ran in. And ran out. All afternoon.

I sat at my kitchen table with a making jewelry and she (or is it her?'s going to bug me now!) editing my website, the front door open wide and our kids running in. And running out.

Didn't I already say that?

I haven't checked it out yet and she did a lot of muttering, but seemed happy with it at the end.

Or maybe it was because she walked out with this?

This little one is my new favorite...BLOOM is my word for the year and I'm loving the whole square thing. Fun.

Supper tonight is going to be pasta...I've got gravy in the freezer that I'll pull out and warm up. That guy that I like so much is only home for a little bit on Mondays before he has to go back for choir, so it's a fast kinda meal for us.

But later tonight I'll stuff and steam a couple of artichokes because it is the Bachelor night...which I am embarrassingly excited about.

Can't wait.



  1. I LOVE the believe necklace with the cross and pearl!

  2. Yesterday was food for my soul. You are one remarkable woman, my friend!

  3. What absolutely cute jewelry! I loved your day-putzting is the best. Friday/Saturday was our first blizzard and tonight we begin the second one. I have not been to work/church since last week Thursday. Weird.


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