Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy Week

My favorite things of late:

a quiet house.
a mozzarella/fresh basil/sundried tomato panini
one diet coke a day. in a glass.


It's been a busy week, full of crossing guards and jewelry orders and cooking and NOT cleaning (ugh) and volunteer work and boys.

Always boys. I do like them there boys.

What I don't like is chicken.

(how's that for a seg way?)

Fortunately I am not famous like Oprah, so I don't have to worry about being sued for not liking chicken.

But I don't like chicken.

I am not even going to get into why I don't like chicken, but it happened a few years ago and we'll just leave it at that.

I do; however, like cows. And the fact that they give me pot roast.


What other randomness can I write about today?

Last night Alex and a friend went to the gym. I was assigned the duty of picking them up, but in the midst of cleaning up from supper and a husband who wanted to talk and an 11 yr old's meltdown over the lack of chocolate chips in the house (it was intense, I tell ya), I kind of forgot.

I was sitting on the couch in my jammies watching the Olympics when Alex called.


Because no one ever says the word mom, at least in my house, in a soft gentle voice. It's always well articulated.


So out I went to pick them up, wearing my red n black santa pj bottoms, a lime green t-shirt and brown clogs.

Oh, and there just might've been a barrette on the top of my head. I'm not positive because I can't see the top of my head. Good thing.

Not sure, but that very well may have been on my list of things that I would never EVER do as a mother.

Oh well.



  1. i hate chicken too. let's talk.

  2. That's okay...I was out shoveling several inches of new snow in my pink plaid pajamas this morning at 5:30. Of course, my coat hid most of it and it was still dark outside, so I figured I was safe.

    Can I add that I am tired of snow? The sun came out this morning, but the wind chill is 10 degrees. I hope spring comes soon.

    I heard the kindergarten parents were rather amused by the e-mail I sent out yesterday about snow gear. Some of the parents haven't been taking it out to dry at night, so the kids are coming back with soaking wet snowpants and mittens. Then some have developed distinct odors (moldy or urine), so I asked them to launder if needed. Today it smells much fresher!


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