Saturday, February 13, 2010


I never thought I would be one of those mothers who raised each of her children with a slightly different creative license.

Mainly because I used to judge mothers like that.

(she admits while hanging her head in shame.)

But I am.

Take the science fair backboard project. My oldest son's project consisted of the most perfect, most colorful, most creatively put together project of all time.

Fancy paper and stickers and stamps, oh my!

He got an A. Of course. And I held my head high for him.

Mind you, he didn't care one single bit...but that project? I wore it like a badge of honor.

Enter son #2. His was not quite the most perfect backboard in the room, but we were dealing with a failure to thrive toddler who did. not. sleep and while his project was colorful and artfully just wasn't the most creative one in the room.

Alex? He didn't care one single bit about fact, he spent most of that evening running around with his friends.

Enter son #3. No longer failure to thrive, he has a mind (a very strong mind at that) of his own. Asked how he wanted to do his backboard, he replied, "Mom...I've got it handled." Never one to miss an assignment or not study for a test (sooooo refreshing, let me tell you!), I let him handle it.

Not a single piece of colored paper. No stickers. No stamps.

Just his own idea of how it should look.

I walked into our multi purpose room and saw all those great backboards...and all those proud moms. Brian's stood out. I even had another parent say that their child wanted to do it on their own, but there was no way...after all, the science grade is at stake!!

6th grade, people. 6th grade.

But he did that board 100% on his own and was SO proud.


It's the same with hair.

I mean, it's just hair and it's just 6th grade...right?

(ok...and I won't let him do it for school or church, which leaves Saturdays, so he really only has free hair reign one day a week!)


New in the shop!

Strawberries, grown right here in my little town, smack dab in the OC.

The absolute best chocolate fondue recipe in the world....perfect while watching the opening ceremonies.

(which I fell asleep during. long week.)

Anyway, this fondue is the great...perfect with stuff to dip, including fingers.



  1. Cute bracelet! Did you know I won $500 in a Taste of Home recipe contest for my chocolate fondue? Only a few ingredients but oh so good!

  2. I remember doing 3 projects while A, M & R were in 3rd grade. I let them them do their project. Many parents "helped" with their kids, and it showed. All 3 projects were similar, and all 3 received different grades from different teachers. It was their first lesson in some grades aren't fair!

  3. I love the bracelet! You have had a couple really, really (did I say really?) cute new items lately. Keep it up!


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