Monday, February 15, 2010

Growing Up

My youngest shrub, Brian, is the younger brother by a few years.

There are pro's and con's to being the youngest by a few years, with one of the con's being that he has spent a pretty good chunk of his life in the 3rd row of the car driving one brother or the other to activity after activity.

But the biggest pro? Pretty soon it became his turn to be driven and taken on fun outings with just his friends.

This morning is a day off of school and while the 16 yr old slept, Brian and a friend hopped in the car for a few hours at the beach.

And I noticed that he needs new flip flops for summer.

Brian is a fish...the child grew up in a swimming pool and loves all things water. Even when the water is cold and the waves are big.
As long as the sun is shining (gotta love February in California!) it just doesn't matter.

But the other really, really exciting news is that Brian made the city honor's a BIG deal and he worked hard on his audition piece. He gets to perform in a huge concert hall and miss a day of school to perform at Disneyland in May.

My baby is growing up.




  1. congrats on the honor orchestra!! WOO HOO!!

  2. Michele, Oh my goodness! Congrats to number 3! Made me want to cry. LOVE your blogs...Michelle


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