Saturday, November 7, 2009


It's always nice to pull up at the same time as that guy that I like so much, because he is always willing to unload my car for me.

Though I am thinking he was being nice to me because of what was in this bag...and all I know is that it meant him going to the store early in the morning and spending a lot of money for some new contraption.

But it's making him smile.


And I did NOT tell the Verizon guy on the phone that my husband just bought the new 'V' over and over, which completely confused him. And then I did NOT tell the guy, 'oh, it's not a 'V''s an adnoid!'

Nope. Not me.

(for the record, it's a droid. whatever THAT means.)
What makes me smile?

THIS does. Yummy. Though I caught Alex taking a swig of it right out of the container. Weirdo. He also loves half and half and has been known to swig that right out of the container, too.

But only when I'm not looking.

That guy that I like so much is somewhere with his choir all day today...and yes, I should know where and I did know where, but I forgot. Should have written it down on a post it note, just like everything else.

I left boys #2 and #3 at home after taking them with me to Costco. On a Saturday. Yep. The poor free sample people never even knew what hit them. But anyway, I left them at home with a large cheese pizza while I went and had a much needed pedicure.

With only a vanilla latte and an US magazine to keep me company.

Life is good now.

I threw together a rather large pot of beef short ribs, which are now slowly roasting in the oven and will be served alongside some garlic mashed potatoes. The house smells so I've got the American President on in the background while I am hammering out lots and lots of jewelry orders...and in between I am playing Cafe World on facebook.

But somehow I got distracted and took a picture of my toes and decided to blog about them.


Speaking of strange...there are some ripe figs on my tree outside just waiting to be picked. Remember what happened the last time I picked a fig?


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  1. Oh joy! We have another ode to figs coming!!

    "Go forth, O daughters of Zion, And gaze on King Solomon with the crown With which his mother has crowned him On the day of his wedding, And on the day of his gladness of heart."
    Song "How beautiful you are, my darling, How beautiful you are! Your eyes are {like} doves behind your veil; Your hair is like a flock of goats That have descended from Mount Gilead.
    Song "Your teeth are like a flock of {newly} shorn ewes Which have come up from {their} washing, All of which bear twins, And not one among them has lost her young.
    Song "Your lips are like a scarlet thread, And your mouth is lovely. Your temples are like a slice of a pomegranate Behind your veil. Song "Your neck is like the tower of David, Built with rows of stones On which are hung a thousand shields, All the round shields of the mighty men. (And we will stop there because after all this is a family blog!)

    BTW, you are aware that all your boys drink directly out of whatever carton containing a liquid happens to be in the refrigerator aren't you?


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