Saturday, November 14, 2009

Being Seen

At the end of my little street, someone parked a porta potty.

And while most thought it was unsightly, I was trying to figure out a way to wheel it on down to my house and park it in my backyard. At which time I would put a sign on in that said,

"Dear boys. Feel free. Love, Mom."

I spent the morning at my first ever boutique, selling jewelry, and it went very well. I sold what I set out to sell and am now preparing for a sale on the website to reduce some of my inventory and to make room for some new pieces.

As a bonus, Nicole Johnson was at the tea speaking...and she did her Invisible Woman speech. I had heard her do it once before at a small gathering that we were both at a few years back and while it was great back then, it was powerful today.

Maybe because my invisibility is different today, and maybe even a little more than it used to be. Being a stay at home mom, having children leave the nest, starting a new job, being married to someone who has a job that is very public (of which I am not a part of)...I get the whole invisibility thing.

And lately I have been struggling.

I wasn't even supposed to be a part of the tea. I (and a great friend who came along to help) were only a part of the boutique...but at the last minute were told there was a table with two spots. And who can turn down free lunch?


So we sat and ate and talked and then listened to Nicole speak. And once again, I cannot believe (my doubting Thomas self) how much I needed to hear her speak...and give the exact same speech that I had heard before.

And no, I am not invisible. God sees me.

So when I came home today after being gone for 8 hours and was greeted with 'MOMMM...can you pick me up from practice' and 'MOMMMM...can we go to the skatepark now?' and 'What's for dinner?' and to a house that looked (quite literally) like a bomb had gone off, to worrying about a son who lost a friend in a car accident yesterday...and when I mentioned that I just walked in the door and let me get unpacked, one of my boys said, "you've been gone?"

I am not invisible. God sees me. And together, we are building something great. In His glory.

And thank you, Grace...your kindness today was not invisible to me.


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  1. If you wanted to get that thing into your back yard you should have asked your middle child to do it.


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