Friday, November 6, 2009

Feeling Lonely

I spent part of yesterday in a meeting and came home needing PEOPLE...yes, I was surrounded by them at the meeting but I don't really know any of them. So it was kinda lonely.

But the meeting was interesting and lunch was yummy and I am LOVING my new little job, so it wasn't all bad. Just lonely.


So I walked in the house and soon after Brian arrived home from school with a whole group of friends...I had asked for people, right?

And then that guy that I like so much came in the front door and immediately started mixing cocktails.

And then Alex came home all sweaty and stinky and smiley and happy from practice with a few of his crew in tow.

People (and many shoes!) everywhere.

And I wondered...would I ever feel lonely again?

Hope not.

I finally checked the mail and this was waiting for me...isn't it beautiful? It is gorgeous...thanks, Laura!
This morning was one of those early to rise and get out of the house mornings...and I felt so productive. I am usually out and about early, but today I was in my car by 7am, coffee in hand (which I didn't drink, but I thought about drinking...does that count?) and off to see 3 different guards.

And the best part?

Not a one yelled at me. Or complained. Or griped.

Everyone was happy and smiley and calm.

I like that.


Finished in time to volunteer at Brian's school and then grocery shop...and then I had to head to the orthopedist to pick up the bazillion dollar new blue box which holds the brace that allows my son to play basketball.

And guess what?

It wasn't a bazillion dollars because my insurance decided to cover it.

Since I was already in Newport Beach, I decided to grab some lunch and eat it on the beach...just because.

So I ate this...
...while I looked at that...
...and ate this...
...while I looked at that.
Just me and the ocean and the birds and my toes in the warm, warm sand.

Nothing could have made it more perfect...well, maybe a napkin would have been nice.



  1. You edited your post. What happened to people watching on the beach? You know, those of us who think that 70 degrees is warm?

  2. I keep telling Mike we need to occasionally do an indoor beach day during the cold months...turn the heat up to 80 for a few hours, find a sunny patch on the carpet, and pretend it's summer. Makes me think back fondly to our apartment days when we didn't have to pay for heat and we DID keep our heat set high all winter.


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