Tuesday, July 14, 2009

See You Soon, Matthew

Matthew is off and running...well, actually, he is on a plane to Tulsa right now, but tour has started.

He's done this so many times that he has it down and was packed and in bed last night by 9pm...he is still recovering from a horrible case of the flu, but he did manage to sleep for awhile before leaving at 3:00am.


They perform tonight in Dallas and so begins their 10,000 mile journey on a bus...sleeping on gym floors along the way. Oh, to have a body that can handle that kind of schedule.


I sure am going to miss him. The other night he caused this to happen...and if I hadn't called him out on it, probably would've left it. All night long.

Oh...and here is his duet. He's on the left...

This morning I made blueberry pancakes for that guy that I like so much. It's summer after all and in all honesty, I am bored silly.

So I am cooking a strange bunch of things...like pancakes. And brownie pudding. And zucchini bread.

Someone please come over and eat all of this stuff!
Kenzie played again yesterday morning, hurt finger and all. She is amazing (well, she comes from really great parents) and I have loved being able to spend time with her this weekend.

My garden overfloweth...so much so that each one of my tomato cages has completely collapsed under the weight of all the fruit that is growing.

And I am NOT complaining one bit...last night I made BLT's, minus the B and the L. For reals. Oh, and I made a roasted tomato marinara and tonight will be a roasted tomato basil soup.

I'm also catching all sorts of people leaning over the sink eating these puppies like apples, with juice dripping down their chins and elbows.

Love that!


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