Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last Year

One year ago today, we were in the midst of a home remodel...complete with no electricity to a large chunk of our really tiny house.

At this time last year, I thought that it was SO not worth it...not worth the dust and the money and the noise, but time has a way of healing all those negative feelings and turning them into something I can just smile knowingly about.

Would I ever want to remodel again?


But it was worth it.


Lots and lots of tomatoes, plus a huge bowl of grapes from a neighbor.

I'm packing up a box for Matthew, which I'll ship out tomorrow to Niagara Falls...they will be there later next week. He is performing in Tennessee tonight, Alabama tomorrow and Georgia on Saturday.


Alex finished summer basketball and has only weekend tournaments until school starts. Brian finishes summer band tomorrow with a pizza/ice cream starts on Monday.

I have a bunch of things to add to the shop...earrings and charm bracelets, which I'll put up once the website updates are finished this weekend. And then we'll have a free necklace giveaway in celebration of...summer?



  1. Charm bracelets too? Gotta love the girly stuff...especially bracelets...whether they have charms, pearls, or crystals : )

    Yesterday I met someone wearing not one but two Pandora charm bracelets. I wanted to start one sometime back until I found out how expensive they are. I can be much happier with the multistrand pink pearl bracelet I got for a steal at the Salvation Army Store when I was thrifting with a friend : )


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