Friday, July 10, 2009

My Son

Two boys.

One computer.

One summer with too much time on their between summer school and basketball, that is.


My Alex is the one on the right...the kid who at one time had long flowing locks that he swore he would NEVER cut.

At least until he started playing high school basketball. He wanted to completely shave his head, as in BALD, but his mom said NO WAY. This was our compromise...a #1 on the clippers.

Oh...and he told me this took 13 takes to get it just right. The choreography is pretty impressive.



  1. Okay,I now live for this. I will watch it again and again. I wish they had panned a bit to the right because we get half faced Alex....still the damn funniest thing I have seen in a long time, and I know of what I speak.

  2. OK...I tried to fix it so that you could see more of him. Can you tell?

  3. And I love how we both started our sentences with Okay/OK. Twins! =0)

  4. Too funny! Gotta love that old boy band music! As I am typing this, Kate is on her way to see the current hot boy band, the Jonas Brothers, along with Jordan Sparks and some new group called Honor Society. She is going to have so much fun!

    Mike came home from his Bible study this morning with his hair just like Alex's. I was speechless as he said he had never had a buzz cut and wanted to try it. I'll have to admit, it did look much better when he shaved and put on contacts...but it took a bit of getting used to. We'll see what our friends say at church tomorrow : )

  5. He is going to love it (according to Alex!)...makes morning quick and easy. =0)

  6. Alex is sooo right!

    Have you shown this to MacKenzie? This will make here fall head over heals in love with Alex which will complete 1/3 of your evil plan.

    Although I still like that former student of Mike's for Matthew.

    Was having withdrawl problem..had to see this again


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