Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Supper

After church yesterday, we visited the In n Out drive thru...and Alex ordered a ginormous coke.

A few years ago, some study that our government undoubtably spent trillions on came out that said sugar doesn't affect kids.

Yeah right.

I would've lent them my son for the test...put him in an enclosed vehicle, give him a large sugary drink and watch what happens.

Could've saved us taxpayers a lot of money.


Our clansmen from the neighboring town came for a visit...all 5.45 of them, for a little pool time.


Alex took charge of Logan and together they made trouble.
Lots and lots of trouble.
We ate a nice, light, summery meal (not) and then had storytime.

Razored and skateboarded and played...oh my!
As for this morning...M took Alex to his game across town and Brian just got picked up for summer school.

My house is quiet.

Utterly quiet.


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