Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stealing Seats

We've been spending our time following Matthew around SoCal, stalking and watching his drum and bugle corps perform...and we may or may not have snuck into a sold out show in Riverside this weekend.

It may or may not have involved us flashing tickets from a previous show that I had in my purse (which came in handy, I might add...though they might want to change ticket colors from show to show. FYI.) and sitting in open seats until we would get booted by the people who truly owned them after every group that performed, ending our evening squeezed into one seat just so we could see Matthew perform his solo.

I just followed my nice, rule following husband.

Oh, and he (that guy that I like so much) may or may not have talked to EVERYONE around us and told EVERYONE around us (in each of the different seats we were 'borrowing') that his boy is the kid with the big mellophone solo.

Yeppers. He did.


Matthew's corps is being featured in a documentary...Grandparents, there are lots of grandson sightings in it.

In other is raining.

It is now July and we have yet to see 80 degrees outside.

Dear summertime weather,
We are ready for you.
So please come.
Thank you.

Oh...and you should head on over to Fingerprints on the Fridge, a really cute blog that is sponsoring a giveaway of my jewelry, and enter to win!!

Just sayin'.




  1. Hi Michele! I wanted to chat with you about being featured on Friday Friday but couldn't find your email address. Can you contact me so that I can send you the info? Thanks!

  2. I LOVE drum corps! That was one thing I wanted to do, but never had the chance.
    Feel free to send the rain this way!

  3. You can have our summer!!! And I will take your not yet 80 degree weather...yes I will!!! LOL Hot and humid and hot...yes very very hot here. Did I mention how hot it is here?


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