Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sophie Sleeps Over

My 6 year old niece Sophie slept over last night, which meant that by 7:30am I was making chocolate chip pancakes.

I've forgotton that children wake up in the mornings.


By 8:30am we were feeding the ducks at the lake up the street, coffee in hand.

For me, that is. Her little body bubbles with natural caffeine.
By 9:30am we were doing some serious gardening and I have found my soul mate. She picks and talks and weeds and touches snails and talks and picks.

Sophie...I love you.

And then we scarred her.

It was food truck time!
Todays menu rocked. What rocked even more was the in depth discussion about the makings of a true risotto with Jason the chef.
Todays menu for the short people:


(Sophie chose and Brian is no longer short at 5'2")
Todays menu for us:

a macaroni and cheese sandwich and a fresh beet salad.

(and an unpictured but completely devoured braised pork taco.)

Just like last time we asked Daniel the owner to recommend some things for us. Yum. Can't wait until next week because now I am a stalker.

For reals.
We drove Sophie home and then went to the music store to visit Rick and pick up a few things for Matthew's care package.
And now we are all home just passing time until we can watch Matthew perform live online.

Thank you technology. I love you.



  1. Are you saying that 5' 2" isn't short? Yipee!! I'm NOT short!

    I"ll have to hit the music store in the next few weeks. Need a trumpet straight mute, lyre, and flip book for marching band.

  2. ooooh, what i wouldnt give to hit the lottery and buy my own food truck!


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