Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cupcakes On My Brain

While blow drying my hair yesterday afternoon, a thought hit me.




There's a new show on the food network called Cupcake Wars and one of the people that was on has a store the next town over.

So cupcakes have been on my mind.

I texted that guy that I like so much, who happened to be two rooms over from me, but hey....why walk when you can text.

Me: cupcakes?

(knowing full well that he would get what I meant.)

Him: World Cup

(knowing full well that I would get what he meant.)

In other words, there was no way he was going to stop watching the Germany/Spain game to drive 15 miles for a cupcake.

So I did the next best thing and texted my neighbor.

"Would it be ridiculous to drive to Orange for a cupcake?"

Almost immediately I received a reply.

"I am running to your house now."

Gotta love girlfriends.


So off we drove to buy cupcakes, to a cute little cupcake shop that was featured on Cupcake Wars, to satisfy my sweet tooth, to make me smile and at peace, to make all things right in the world.

Cupcakes have the power to do all that.

I'd love to show you the pictures of the adorable little shop and of the adorable display and of the adorable goodies.

But I can't.

I can't because once I saw all of that I became verklempt and forgot to take any photos.


Yes, there were 6. Were.

The strawberry one was yummy.

Delicious. I didn't try the chocolate (I'm not a huge chocolate fan) but the vanilla and strawberry ones were yummy...especially for breakfast this morning with my coffee.


My houseful of boys has shrunk for the weekend. Matthew is on tour with drum corps and Alex just left for Lake Tahoe (9 hours away) with his basketball team.

So it's just us and the youngest shrub for the weekend.

I'd like to say it's going to be quiet, but well, have you met my 11 year old? He's a tad bit chatty.

I like that.


New in the shop...and on sale this weekend!
Check it out HERE!



  1. My sister and I are totally going to get cupcakes. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Happy Friendly Friday from your newest follower. I need to remember to DVR Cupcake Wars and cross my fingers that they have one nearby.

    Jen/Mommy 2 Monkeys

  3. Now I want a cupcake! Those look yummy!

    Great blog, and beautiful jewelry! I stopped by from Friendly Friday and I'm a new follower. Congratulations on your FF feature!

    Stop by and say hi sometime.

    Happy Friday!

  4. Yummy cupcakes...makes me hungry! Popping by from Friendly Friday to say hello.
    Stop in sometime :)

  5. I am a new follower.

  6. Yum! The cupcakes look delicious!

    I'm a new follower from Friendly Friday! Stop by my blog and say hello when you get a chance!


  7. Following you from Friendly Friday! What a cute family you have! I'm looking forward to reading more. =)

  8. Lovely blog. I am your newest follower

    Pleas link up your friday follow in Time To Follow: Blog Hop for July - Link up your blog name and badge to return the favor to follow you back


  9. Happy Friday! I am a new follower

    -Diane from @ Me, Him and the Cats

  10. I like that show cupcake wars too. The Cupcake Craze is everywhere. Congrats on being featured on Friendly Friday.

  11. My family loves that show! I'm visiting from Friendly Friday. I signed up to be a new follower.

  12. Gotta love cupcakes! Following from Friendly Friday! Have a sweet day! ;)

  13. Here from FF! Your kitties are adorable!


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