Saturday, July 3, 2010

My New Love

When that guy that I like so much and I first married, we moved into an apartment that had a gas stove.

The kind of gas stove that you had to light with a match.

High tech, I tell ya.

On the few occasions where I would actually USE the stove (I was 20, we were dirt poor and worked a lot) I would flip on the gas, stand about 3 feet away, light the match and throw it.


I'd throw the flaming match. Or matches, depending on whether or not they blew out.

Back then I was not a cook. At all. I was a baker. Sort of. I could follow a recipe for baking because those recipes had easy to follow instructions. When it came to cooking...well, that whole 'season to taste' thing threw me every time. I mean, how was I supposed to know what it should taste like?

Fast forward to moving to hippie Boulder, having a baby and falling on the organic, local grown/raised, make your own baby food, cloth diapering band wagon.

I learned to cook. Better yet, I decided I liked to cook.

But along the way, I stopped baking. All those instructions...just daring me to step out of the lines and then greeting me with failure.

Too. Many. Rules.

(wow...I am totally turning this into a bible lesson for the fall!)

Anyway, my family hasn't suffered too much. I still pop out a batch of cookies here and there. I make a coffee cake now and then. I still make the homemade chocolate cake and frosting for the boys birthdays (yes, Matteo...I still owe you yours!), but I don't love to bake.


Please listen carefully. This is important.

Go to Trader Joe's. Look for this box in the freezer section. Gasp out loud when you see the price. Buy the box (or two, if you have a household of males) anyway.

I didn't take a picture, but before you go to bed lay the unbaked frozen croissants on a baking sheet. Climb into bed and finish the current summer read, which wasn't that good. (The Mailbox...anyone want it?) Sleep all night long. Wake up to the sound of World Cup, because you live with a bunch of World Cup addicts. Place the now puffy dough in oven, make coffee and pull THESE BEAUTIES out of the oven.

Whew. Those were long instructions.
Sit on your couch, drink coffee laced with french vanilla creamer and eat up while listening to all the males in your life tell you how amazing you are.

Happy Saturday, everyone.



  1. I love you and your bossy instructions. I'm doing this. lol :)

  2. I'll take the book, with a croissant on the side, please!!

  3. Need a good read? Try The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. It's a bit of gothic novel, historical fiction, fairy tale, and contemporary fiction. I recommended it to a friend and she had her book club read it. It was the only book they all liked for the first time in two years. I bought it for Liz before she left for Mexico since she has a 9 hour layover in Dallas on the way home. Two workers in the bookstore said they loved it and it has been flying off the shelves.

  4. Fun post :) I have four boys myself, so I know how you feel with a houseful of boys! Thanks for following, I am following back!

    ~Lori S.


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