Sunday, July 25, 2010

Random Things

  1. I'm bored.
  2. My house is SOOOO quiet.
  3. Why is it that I wait and wait for quiet and then once it's here I stare at the walls and wonder what to do with the passing time?
  4. Staring at the walls makes me notice how badly they need to be painted.
  5. Painting the walls makes me think about the fact that my curtain rods need to be raised 3 inches to match the family room ones that were hung higher TWO years ago.
  6. So now I realize that I have been thinking about curtain rods for TWO years but have done nothing about it.
  7. I miss my boys.
  8. One is on tour with a drum and bugle corps and the one is away at camp. One is at the pool.
  9. The camp is a hoity toity camp.
  10. My spell check thinks I am spelling hoity toity incorrectly.
  11. The only child at home is my 16 year old who finally told me that I need to stop staring at him.
  12. Hello? I have no one else to look at!!
  13. Today after church we went out to eat philly cheesesteaks.
  14. Just me, that guy that I like so much and the 16 year old.
  15. One hour of us grilling him.
  16. Not sure which was more enjoyable...the cheesesteak or watching him squirm.
  17. He had nowhere to run.
  18. Not that he can run yet anyway, but his knee is healing beautifully so running might be in his near future.
  19. A bird died in my bathroom sink last week.
  20. The cat brought it in, it panicked and flew into a mirror and landed in the sink.
  21. I have the whole thing on video tape but can't post it because I was screeching, the 16 year old said a bad word and the youngest commented that if his biggest brother were here he would be standing on the bed.
  22. Not appropriate.
  23. We had a small service for the bird. Twice.
  24. Twice because the first time we didn't put the lid back down on the trash can and the cat brought it in a 2nd time.
  25. Diet coke came out of my nose when my 16 year old said, 'Three-peat?"
  26. I am easily humored.
  27. Doesn't hummus sound good?
  28. I'm easily distracted.
  29. I think I'll go buy the paint now.

1 comment:

  1. i REALLY want to see that video. Just send it to me directly. Please.. oh and also- MAD MEN


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