Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keeping Quiet

Yesterday I went to lunch and somewhere between the fava bean hummus and the tzaziki, I lost my voice.

Not my real voice, but the voice in which I speak up and defend my beliefs.

Instead of saying what I was feeling, I just turned into a mute.

A hummus eating mute.

A hummus eating mute who felt very alone.

I hate that.

Not the hummus part...that part I loved.

The not speaking up and alone parts.

But then again, sometimes it's better to just not say anything at all and keep the peace...a lesson I've learned the hard way. Multiple times.


At the market a little while later, I quite literally bumped into a container of figs. I had thought that my tree would be full of figs this year but it is taking it's sweet time growing branches instead of growing figs.
So I bought some figs and some goat cheese and some fresh honey and we had ourselves a little snack.

Life is good.

And then my youngest shrub had a band concert and I'm sure you are all interested in hearing the JR High version of Marriage of was fabulous by the way, but instead this is what I will share with you:

Cracked me up. She started out by standing right in front of the stage and then moved on up.

=0) cream (a tradition after a concert) with friends.
In Matthew news...still somewhere in Texas. No show tonight.

In Alex news...he got his finger stuck in a nerf gun yesterday. Quite humorous, I must say.



  1. Your Jr High band has strings? Wow ~ we don't. Our school doesn't have band anymore, it's an outside organization for the coming year.

    Oh, Matt would like another fig story with the king and queen!

  2. This will be my first year without a child in any band, orchestra, or choir concerts :(

    Kate is also reconsidering music therapy after her year in England. She's now talking about going to Moody and majoring in counseling. I like the fact that she would be in Chicago, and Moody has a great choir...I could go to all her concerts!

  3. Laura...every student in our schools start on strings in 4th grade and can then switch to another instrument in 5th if they'd like. We are blessed...we have an amazing music program in our district and it continues thru high school if they still want. We don't pay until high school and then it is 'only' for the trips, buses, etc. It adds up, though!

    Cheryl...your year is going to be so quiet. You'll have to go to Matt's band concerts! =0)


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