Sunday, July 18, 2010

Growing Up

The cousins came to town and our little house is packed to the gills...totally worth it to hear the kids laughing together.


The younger boys have been swimming and to the movies and to the skatepark and on numerous adventures, plus staying up half the nights being boys. They are having the best time together.

And yowza...a picture!

Matthew performed last night and it was the last time we'll see him perform for the summer...they'll now travel more than 12,000 miles during the next month, sleeping on gym floors and riding on buses and performing most nights across the country.

It was the last time we'll hear his totally awesome solo.

I handled it well until I hugged him goodbye....and then I burst into tears.

He's so grown up...when-oh-when did that happen?
So today I am just sad.

Missing having all my boys home.

Wondering if I have done...and am doing enough.

Hoping they all know how much I love them.

That I pray for them constantly.

And the tears continue to fall...


  1. Think of the positives: one less mouth to feed, one less shower, and less laundry. :-)

    Is Matt coming through IL?

  2. WOW. Full circle. I recall someone ( I won't mention names) crying when she found out she was pregnant. Ironic, no?

  3. Holly...two words: Pizzeria Uno. =0)

    Laura, no IL this time around, but everywhere else. They are ending up in Indianapolis mid August, though he'll fly home from Chicago.


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