Friday, July 16, 2010

Hunting Food Trucks

Another day, another food truck.

Seriously Houston, we have a problem.


Today at my local car wash we heard that a food truck (that had been featured on a FoodTV show) was going to be parked there, so that guy that I like so much loaded all of us up ( plus the youngest shrub and my nephew) and off we went.

Oh, and I got a clean car out of the deal. Can't beat that.

Todays truck was the Kogi truck, which is known for their korean bbq short ribs.

And we all know my feelings about short ribs.

Their menu is pretty basic which I actually like.

Less thinking.

We just copied what a lot of other people were ordering...the blackjack quesadilla, the short rib taco's and the kogi sliders which are made with (wait. for. it.) short ribs.
Yummy? Yep.
Greasy. Oh yeah.
Too much food? Always.

I loved the sliders...well, one of them anyway. That guy that I like so much loved the tacos. The quesadilla (which normally I always, always, always go for a quesadilla) was too gloppy even for me...even though it tasted good.
All in all...pretty good. The Lime Truck still wins, hands down. Next week, though, we're chasing the Greek Truck...for reals!

Cuz Houston, we have a problem.


1 comment:

  1. What a great adventure and a novel idea: finding the food truck and getting lunch/dinner! Too bad they don't do that around here!


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