Monday, July 19, 2010


This is the post in which my mother-in-law will forgive all of her children (and me) for never sending pictures of her grandchildren.

(except for my sister-in-law Joanna. 4 kids AND she sends pictures. Whatever.)

Anywhoo...the northern California cousins drove south for the weekend. My Brian and his cousin Nate are 9 months apart and partners in crime...they pretty much spent the weekend sawing apart Nerf guns and skateboarding and eating and NOT sleeping.

Yikes. Just realized that I liked that tablecloth. Oh well.

Remember how I mentioned my sister-in-law who regularly sends pictures of her kids to our mother-in-law?

Well...I invited all of us over for dinner to her house.

Payback, baby.


I did offer to bring dessert. Alex wanted yellow cake and chocolate frosting and offered to do the decorating. He's artistic you know...he's even taking ceramics next year at school. He finally fessed up and said all the cute girls take ceramics.

His initials in dinosaur sprinkles. Wierdo.
The older cousins laughed.
The younger cousins played.

Read closely.

Boy cousins to the rescue! The underwear has been saved.

Hey! My camera has a self timer!


(missing...the oldest and the youngest. One was sleeping and the other was performing in Arizona.)

The end.

Matthew update...Arizona show last night was rained out, but they performed an exhibition. Houston today and tonight's show has already been canceled due to weather. Temps are in the 100's and stormy. Icky.


  1. One of the best posts I've read in months...the underwear on the roof won't be forgotten anytime soon!

  2. Very grateful for the underwear retrieval and the "payback"!!


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