Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday Lunch

Our church is 22 miles from our house, so on Sundays (now that M no longer serves IN a parish) we go to late service and then out to lunch.

A lot of times we'll pick up In n Out and eat in the car while driving home, but then there are the times when we like to find something new to us...and we've found some pretty great spots to eat!

Yesterday was Portillo's. As in, Chicago Portillo's...but in Buena Park.

Portillo's is a hot dog place, but is also known for their Italian Beef.

The best of both worlds.


Totally decked out in the 1930's!
And while NO ONE should ever eat this on a regular was pretty much my favorite thing. Ever.
Had a lovely afternoon at home, made pasta for supper and actually had a table with only my 5 at it, which has become less the norm than I'd like...and I actually said no (for the first time ever) to friends joining us.

And then we had the older two clean the kitchen.
And we snuck out for a walk around the lake.
We came home and I threw together some mini chocolate souffle's...I tried to get a before picture, but was a little slow with the camera.

So this is all you get.

The two older boys are still sleeping, that guy that I like so much is at work and Brian is at skateboard camp this week...which means we were up early and I had to make him a lunch.

Not sure I am ready for school start.



  1. Portillo's is good, but the one by us has a Barnelli Pasta Bowl with it. It's 2 different lines for each "side" of the restaurant. Impossible to pay for both sides at the same time if you're taking a family and each has different tastes. Russ and I go to a local place, Kojak's, for Italian Beef. :)


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