Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hump Day

My garden is a wreck and needs so much work....weeding and pulling of dead plants, but in the meantime I just keep picking pound after pound of summer tomatoes.

And my family is eating pound after pound of summer tomatoes.


Today I chopped a bunch up and tossed them with olive oil and kosher salt and roasted them at 425 for 45 minutes or so.

Once they cool, I'll puree them with lots of fresh basil and garlic....voila!

Marinara. Yum.
I've gotten all caught up on the laundry, filed everything that needed filing, shredded lots of stuff, and also made zucchini chocolate chip cupcakes...with cream cheese frosting.

It's hot outside and I have the AC on, so I thought I might as well use the oven.

Brian went to Wild Rivers for the day with a neighbor and Alex has been alternating between the pool and xbox with friends. That guy that I like so much is working hard all day and I'm sorta bored.


Supper will be grilled burgers with balsamic onions for whoever wants them, plus a really ripe cantaloupe. We may go to the beach later tonight for a bonfire, but that is still up for discussion. I'll keep ya'll posted.


1 comment:

  1. Would you believe that neither of my girls will eat a fresh tomato, in spite of years of trying to tempt them? I've got a recipe for chicken-stuffed tomatoes that I may have to make before they come home.


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