Saturday, August 1, 2009

Family Weekend

Football is a whole new thing for us...and a sport I swore my boys wouldn't play.

And then came Brian.


Today we picked up the gear and he is so happy...he pretty much went door to door showing all the neighbors. Practice on Monday is with full pads...yikes.

But the best part of the family came to town from the high desert. Michelle has my maiden name, which cracks me up, and is...well, nothing short of incredible. One of those women that you want to be when you grow up...for reals. Love her!

I am so glad they came down for the weekend!!!

Come back soon. Please.

Our boys, minus the oldest one who is at Niagara Falls, NY today. Today was a mail day...he sounded pretty happy. 9 more days!

Devin, Alex, Brian and Garrett.
We took a walk tonight after dinner and before we went night swimming at the high dive pool...I think Brian has grown overnight.
And Alex's arms continue to grow.
We walked around the lake as the sun was setting, doing what us Ublasi girls do best...TALKING. And laughing. Have I mentioned how much I love Michelle?
I had to beg, but I got a nice picture of the boys...Garrett is 11, Devin is 16, Alex is 15 and Brian is 10. They are having a great weekend together!
I'm pretty sure my not so little one is going to sleep in his gear tonight...everytime I turn around, he has it on!


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