Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

My oldest son is home.

My son.

My (for the most part) easy son.

He texted me at 4:30am while waiting in O'Hare for his flight home, saying ' please don't kill me when you see me!'

When I first read the message I was actually relieved. I mean, he was whole and healthy and not yet on the plane. But as I started driving towards LAX (an hour away) with his precious, innocent younger brothers in the car, I started getting anxious.

And I had every reason to be.

Oh...and it gets better. Watch and you'll see.

Yes, there are two of them. As if one wasn't enough.


(but on a side note...I am so happy he is finally home, safe and sound where he belongs.)



  1. Did he get his belly button pierced and a tattoo as well?

  2. Cute! And now you know what to get him for Christmas : )

  3. So.....what are the family rules about piercings?

  4. My will specifically states that no grandsons can have pierced ears or mohawks...and no tattoos :-)

  5. At least his tattoo (which Michele hasn't found yet) says "mom" with a heart.

  6. LOL Thanks Laura. That was great!

  7. I have the perfect solution! Simply remove the earrings while he's sleeping and throw them away. Unless, of course, he wants earrings from Bella Michele Jewelry!

  8. Matt knows the Matriarch has spent all here money and will be leaving nothing to the family, thus the piercing!

  9. piercings. plural. BOTH ears.

    So M didn't say much about it until supper last night and then he says, "so if left is right and right is wrong, what does both ears mean?"

    Matthew doesn't say anything for a few seconds and then Brian shouts out, "that he's a GIRL!!!"

    priceless. =0)


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