Saturday, August 29, 2009

Still Hot

The best place to be when it is hot is locked up in the house with the AC on high and lots of good movies to watch.


Or better yet...the pool.

I grabbed a book, loaded up my car with as many boys as it would safely hold and drove a whopping 2 blocks to the diving board pool for the afternoon.

And watched the boys laugh and scream and play the afternoon away, cuz is still summer here.
This morning I opened an email and followed a link to my favorite childhood show...Emergency!

And it was just as I remembered it. Me, Johnny Gage and all the time in the world.

Alex went to a surprise birthday party last night and when I went to pick him up, the mom apologized and said they were up all. night. long.

So I am thinking he will look like this all. day. long.

We have a farewell party at Concordia to attend today...and then not much else. I'm going to make a big pot of beef stew for supper...I know it is hot, but the AC is on already, so it doesn't really matter. Still working my way through the outside freezer...I am hoping to thaw it out in the next week or so.

And I purchased a non-frost-free freezer because?

(probably because it fit the is wedged in a corner next to my earthquake proof water heater, which wasn't earthquake proof when we bought the I lost valuable freezer space when it finally was earthquake proof. In case you were wondering.)

The other plans for today are to watch as many Emergency! shows as I can while all these boys sleep and recover from their sleep overs.

Helloooooo, Johnny!



  1. If you noticed, on the left side of the link, there are 4 seasons listed. So, click on each one for more to watch! :) You and Johnny Gage.....

  2. So are the Emergency episodes really hokey or have they held up with time? I'm already thinking about what I want to watch when I am recuperating in September. I could have a musical day, a George Clooney day, a Richard Gere day, a chick flick many movies, so little time!

  3. Laura, I am in Johnny Gage heaven!!!! Oh, the memories! And Cheryl...they are free online, so it would be worth it to watch one of the episodes. I'm tellin''s no ER or Grey's Anatomy, but Johnny is so dreamy!!! =0)

  4. So, how many episodes have you fit in today? :)

  5. Still running the A/C? I turned the heat on for the first time this morning...and it's still August last time I checked. The inside temp got down to 65 degrees, which is a little chilly for my blood. Outside temp was still in the 40s on my early morning drive to school.


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