Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Newlyweds. Again.

I needed to go to the social security office yesterday to get a new card...not sure when I lost my old one, but I'm thinking it was somewhere around 1986.

Or so.

But now that I am re-entering the workforce for the first time since before Matthew was born, I needed to show my card.

I first went to get fingerprinted, which was uneventful, grabbed a tea to go and made my way to the social security administration.

I soon found out that that guy that I like so much and I were not married...according to them. Apparently, I had never sent in the forms changing my name or marital status.

In my defense...I was 20 years old.


So we are now happily married legally AND according to the SSA.

All is well.

But we did need to celebrate our new today we hopped in the car with all 3 boys and headed to LA.
Drove thru some interesting areas until we found Langers, known for their pastrami.

I also learned that I could've gotten a new SS card (or drivers license or lots of other fun things) for a very minimal price. Just walk up to the guy (and there are a few to choose from!) in the trench coat and he'll help you you waiting in any lines!

Anyway, back to the pastrami. Langers has a variety of things on their menu...check out the #9!
Sadly, my camera is on the fritz (hey! that would make a good wedding present!!!) so the before picture did not turn out...but here's the after picture.

And let me tell was worth the 45 minute drive (and the $87!!! ouch!) for a pastrami sandwich. Times 5.

And no, I don't like the crusts. Still.
I wanted to hang out in LA for awhile...we were fairly close to the new cathedral and to the holocaust museum, but we had to head back home.

We were having a wedding reception.

For us.

Our neighbors...Alev and Billy. Totally photogenic!

So, all in all, we consumed a little too much vino rosso and talked a little too much and laughed a little too hard (to the point of snorting) and embarrassed our children with our stories.

But hey, it was our wedding reception.

And darn, I should've done the money dance. Might've help pay for that pastrami.



  1. As I recall the police had to be called when you did the money dance at your first reception!

    I see that not only do you not like crust but you also don't like pickles. What is WRONG with your side of the family?!

    Has your daughter, I mean son, gone back to college yet? You KNOW he is going to get a lot of unwanted (maybe?) attention from the guys in the music department.

  2. awesome post. I bow to the Master.


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