Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Weekend

All my boys were at church yesterday...even the son who went back to college.

I like that.

So after church we had to go back to Portillo's, because the older two weren't with us last week and they begged. And pleaded. And cried a little, too.


Great bumper sticker, by the way.

Last night we had Sunday Supper and the whole Orange County gang came...a little chicken cacciatore with ice cream for dessert.
I'm thinking he was tired of saying 'cheese'.

Matthew stopped home long enough to pick up more stuff (and Brian is STILL upset that you took the bean bag chair!!) and steal my Venus Flytrap.

Double whammy in Brian's eyes.
The family all left. The kitchen got cleaned. Boys went to bed.

And I did my homework.
I have a bazillion and a half phone calls to make today, so I am loading up my car with boys and taking them to the skatepark. I'll spread out at a picnic table and work my heart out...when I am not having moments of sheer panic and 'can I do this?', I am feeling extremely blessed.

It's a nice balance.

After the skatepark, we'll pick up some pizza from Costco and head to the pool. We still have 17 days until school starts. Yes...17.

Supper will be teriyaki ribs and fried rice...still working our way through all packages big and small in the outside freezer. I did come across a foil wrapped package marked LIVER...and inside was a very beautiful piece of white chocolate cheesecake.

Just call me brilliant.



  1. 17 days?! Kate starts tomorrow and my kindergarteners start Wednesday...although I've been back for two weeks now. Time for me to take a deep breath and get ready for a room full of little kids!

  2. 17 days left until school starts? The first day (ok, it's a half day) is tomorrow.

    Rachel would love to share your cheesecake with you!


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