Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Palm Springs

I had a weekend offer that I couldn't refuse...basically a few nights away at an incredible hotel in Palm Springs (for free!) with girlfriends that I love.

It was all very last minute, which worked out way better than if I had tried to plan it...so we packed up and drove to the desert.

You learn a lot about friends that you already think you know incredibly well...like the fact that some of them are very, very organized. And that they like those labeler machiney thingys.

We spent a whole gloriously not long day in the 112 degree heat...and I, quite literally, spent 5 straight hours in the pool.

In, not out of, the pool.

(except I did get out once after the same girlfriend who labels her bottles reminded me to reapply my sunscreen. And I am thankful for that because my italian mama skin did not burn at all)

We even ate lunch while in the pool...sweet potato fries and nachos!
We got pedicures and in a moment of insanity I chose pepto bismol pink for my toes.

Lovely....not. But I will live with them until next month. Sadly.
We hit the casino and having not been to any gambling establishment in over a decade, I was shocked.

No more clinking coins. No more buckets of change.

Still lots of smokers. Still lots of interesting people to watch.

But everything is by ticket now...which is just sort of strange. There were tons of 1, 2 and 5 cent machines, but in order to win big you need to play big.

I don't play big because I have a houseful that would benefit more from that guy that I like so much's money than a casino.

But it was fun.
We saw 2 movies...and please listen to me when I say DO NOT GO SEE FUNNY PEOPLE.


Just trust me when I say that oral surgery without meds would be more enjoyable.

In all honesty, the Ugly Truth wasn't a whole lot better. But we laughed ourselves silly anyway.
I was talked into doing multiple kamikaze shots by a group of so called friends...and hello, since when am I the voice of reason among all of you?
And later on did shots of alka seltzer.

Ahhh....with age comes wisdom.
This morning, on the way out of town, we stopped at Elmers for breakfast because the girls had fond memories of eating there when they were kids.
Huge dutch babies, with lemon and powdered sugar and butter.

I tried, but I couldn't. But every bite was bliss...pure bliss.
Girls...thank you. From the bottom of my heart. For listening to me. And laughing with me. And at me. And crying with me. You know what you all mean to me...


I arrived home, kissed my boys, went to the chiropractor, grocery shopped and answered emails...including one to the football coach. Yesterday was full on pads and helmets and tackles and after an hour Brian was done. Finito. He decided that there was no way he was going to ever like being pummeled for hours on end, so we let him quit. And for the record, quitting is usually NOT an option in our family, but we do have an exemption clause for tackle football.

And diets, in case you were wondering.

So we now own a really incredible $500.00 halloween costume. Yes, we do. But we also have much happier little boy, who can now go back to getting pummeled by his big brothers in his own house, knowing all along that they will get in trouble from the mama if they hurt him.


Oh...and in Matthew news: in the last few days he has performed in Ohio, New York and New Jersey...and is now settled into Indianapolis for the rest of the week. Tomorrow he is performing a solo at I &E...sure wish we could be there, and on Thursday his corps is performing in quarter finals. We WILL be there for that...in the movie theater, watching the show live.

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  1. I'm glad you had such a great getaway and then came back to such good news about football. Football games are much more enjoyable when your child is marching with a flute or flag during halftime instead of getting pummeled on the field. And by the way, your nail color is very close to what I usually wear, so no dissing pepto bismal pink (or OPI Elephantastic Pink, or Ulta Strawberry Smoothie, or Sally Hanson Presto Pink, or Revlon Twinkled Pink, or any of my other Barbie pink polishes). Speaking of which, it's now time to go redo my nails while watching The Soloist on DVD : )


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