Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Shoes

A Saturday night at Nick's, with our favorite waiter. Hector told us last night that he is going to Mexico for a few weeks to buy a piece of land, and I am assuming he has enough money to do this because of our dining habits.

Hector will buy land with our money. We bought shoes. New school shoes!

Today was HOT. HOT. We slept in this morning and went to late service at church. Came home and had boys coming and going...some played tennis while others went to the pool. One learned to drive his stick shift car. One came home and had a cocktail. One played basketball. And one very smart mom layed on the couch and watched a movie, with the AC on. Oh, and made a really awesome dinner, with the AC on. And plans to sleep tonight, with the AC on. Sense a pattern here?

1 comment:

  1. So which of your boys has painted toenails?



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