Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday's Field Trip

The other night, in the midst of chaos, I leaned over to M and mentioned that we were in need of a field trip. Just the 2 of us, without those 'others' who cannot seem to pick up their wet towels up off the bathroom floor.

And lo and husband played hooky.

All day long.

Not from me, but from that place that has been causing him quite a bit of stress lately.


So, we got the last of the wet towel droppers off to school and climbed in the car. The cool car. It was 8:36am and a chilly 66 degrees, but it didn't matter. The top was down, the seat warmers were on, and we were off!
The car just steered itself to it's favorite place...PCH. It was overcast and smelled of ocean and bonfires. Paradise!
Had to stop and fill up for gas. Who would've thought that the cheapest gas could be found along the beach?
As for scenery? Check out the guy on top of the building. Wonder how much he makes an hour?
After a few hours, we headed towards HOLLYWOOD.
Drove past lots of paparazzi at the entrance to Paramount studios. Famous people? Who cares? We were off to...
PINKS! Remember when we went this summer?

It's just a hole in the wall with a ...well...hole in the wall.
OK...I had the same thing I had this summer...a Rosie O'Donnell dog. M had some sort of Hollywood dog (he felt it was appropriate) and it was so spicy, he had tears in his eyes. He was in heaven!
However, we did not drive 2 hours for a hot dog. That would've been crazy! For the record, we drove 2 hours for an onion ring. And you know what? I might just hop back in the car tonight just for 1 more of these beauties!
Around the corner is Grauman's Chinese Theatre, so we thought we would hang with the tourists. And bums. And dirt. It's a truly disgusting place, but we parked and went for a walk anyway, and it's a fun place to people watch.
Next door is the Kodak theatre...home of the Academy Awards. And bums. And tourists. And us!
The Harry Potter people!
And crazy man Tom Cruise! I do have to add that there are large Scientology buildings on almost ever corner. Thank you, Tom Cruise. =0(
Please pause for just a moment. I was THIS CLOSE to cleaning her star off by hand, but at the last minute decided that I might be mistaken for a tourist. Or bum. Take your pick.
The Hollywood sign, which my native California born and bred husband swears he has never seen?!
And back on the road again...a still chilly 68 degrees at 1:01 pm.
What a fun and much needed break from real life!



  1. A Rosie O'Donnell hot dog??? Oh, PLEASE!! (yuck) How 'bout a nice Chicago hot dog? You should have driven here. We could take you for dessert to a new place in town- Boardwalk Bob's for Italian Ice.

    Hollywood wasn't nice when I was there many years ago. I have no desire to go back there.

    Tell M that his dept has a good reputation. Another triplet mom in CA said that his school has a great reputation for music. :)

    I have to say that CUBS WIN, CUBS WIN, CUBS WIN!!! We're going to the playoffs.

  2. How come gas is less expensive in S. Cal. than it is in the Chicago area?


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