Thursday, September 13, 2007

Matthew the Driver

Matthew's official license came in the mail today, and so did the 1st insurance bill. Gotta love teenage boy rates...

Tonight is the 1st home football game and the marching band is performing at half-time. We are actually going to have to miss it, but we'll be there next week!

(OK...I had to somehow crop this photo because when I clicked on it, you could view all his info...but he is holding his new license. I'm sure there is a way to blot things out, but I am computer illiterate!)

My sleeping beauties...or flea bags. It depends on who you ask. =0) I met a girlfriend for lunch and she couldn't stop laughing at me...I kept talking about my stinkin' cats! I've gone over to the 'dark' side as far as pets go...I'm thinking we need a dog now, too. (M told me if I bring home a dog that he is moving out and leaving me with the boys and the animals...ruh-roh!)

And a teeny-tiny side note...prayers for me for tomorrow. God will know exactly what they are for and when I am ready, I will let ya'll know...probably sometime next week. Thanks! =0)

1 comment:

  1. My biggest prayers are there for you right now & tomorrow. As I said in my E mail: you GO girl!!!


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