Friday, September 7, 2007

First Day of School, Part 2

Today is Alex's 1st day of 8th grade. He was up and ready to go and as usual, not so willing to have his picture taken. Grrr....

He's had a really great summer, so I am looking forward to a smooth year!

Today brings my 1st day of no one home and the house is already very still. It's either going 90 miles an hour or it's very, very quiet. Michael left this morning for choir retreat up at Big Bear, so he is gone until late on Sunday. Alex has a basketball tournament tomorrow, Brian has his 1st soccer game of the season AND it's his birthday, and we need to be at church early on Sunday for confirmation. Definitely a 2 parent weekend with only 1 parent. Praise God for cell phones!

I am off to volunteer at Brian's school today, hit Costco and the grocery store, and then I have an afternoon Dr appt. that will hopefully finish before basketball and soccer practices. Dinner? Whatever the boys choose that involves a telephone and delivery.

Last night was an away football game (at a school in Irvine, just a few miles away from ours) and Matthew drove himself. Nothing like waiting up for your son to drive home late...NO THANK YOU! He was fine; I'm sure I will be.

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