Wednesday, September 12, 2007


We are attempting to restart the whole 'living with a routine' thing, with some of us adapting better than others. Summer was glorious...waking up early is not, especially for the teens in the house!


Matthew is loving being back in school...maybe not the actual 'school' part of things, but the fact that he is a senior, has a car, and some pretty fun friends. I caught him reading 'Car and Driver' last night...who would've ever thought?

Brian is settling in well, as usual. He likes his teacher and due to an error at the district, he is in a smaller class. (I love errors like that!) There is a new Principal at his school and from what I've seen, I like her alot. There was no honeymoon period in 4th grade...he came home with homework on the 1st day of school.

Alex is getting used to a schedule again, too. He has all new teachers this year, but his very, very best friend (my 4th son!) is in some of his classes. I guess they didn't get the memo on that one! Yesterday he came home in a foul mood...apparently they expect you to read 750 pages a trimester...on your own...and from a BOOK! Imagine that? (I absolutely LOVE the spirit on this kid, he is sooo Italian!) He's had some changes on his basketball team; the team itself is staying the same, but Patrick, his coach, left for med school, so they've hired a new coach and trainer. This guy trains the Lakers and has taken an interest in Alex and is working him hard. Knees are healthy, ankles are healthy, and the mind is healthy...we're good to go. =0)

I'm doing the PTA thing and School Site council at Brian's school, Grad Night at Matthew's school, and working various fundraisers at Alex's school. I have decided to not do my big Bible study (BSF) and will stick with a few smaller ones for now. I knew last year that I had to scale back and now I know why...God was preparing me for what was to come this year. =0) As for today...I am already on my 2nd load of laundry and will work in the garden for a little while this morning. Other than that, my daytime is quiet...until school ends!

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  1. LIVING WITH A ROUTINE BITES!!! Long live being a totally irresponsible sloth!!


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