Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Printer

Last night was Back to School night #2, which was made much easier by the consumption of a margarita beforehand. Tonight is Back to School night #3 at the middle school. Supper is courtesy of Trader chicken, brown rice, and pot 3 incredibly beautiful mango's that are hidden away until dinnertime.

I did my Meals on Wheels run and am now home staring longingly at the box of vanilla cookies from TJ's. I am not sure how long I will be able to hold out on those!

Last week, one of the boys, who at this writing shall remain anonymous (all 13 1/2 years of him), came to me and told me he had dropped the printer and it broke.

Excuse me....did you say you dropped the printer?

How in the world do you DROP a printer? Especially if it's in an armour, all wired in?

Apparently, if it could possibly happen, it will.


I had just bought a bunch of ink for this particular printer and come to find out, these cartridges only fit this printer. Which the moment we bought it became obsolete. You know how that works.

We can't go without a printer because the boys, especially Matthew, needs to print stuff out. We are a strange family...we own one family computer. One internet. That's it, just the one. It works for us, so why change it?

So, I got on eBay and found the very same printer. New. Doesn't come with ink OR a power cable, but hey, we already have those.

I bid $.25.

That's right...25 cents.

And won!

I knew ahead of time that shipping was $10.00, so for a grand total of $10.25, we have a new printer, which was delivered yesterday and will remain safely tucked in the armour.


  1. Cheryl and I just stopped going to those silly things!

    I can see a teenage boy figuring out how to drop a printer. Around that age I set off the fire alarm in my Church by playing around with the main phone panel. I also managed to overload the circuts in our field house by pluging a power supply I made in and turning the voltage all the way up.

    The magic number for the Cubs is 2!


  2. Mike,
    Your comments explain a LOT! It's amazing your kids are somewhat normal (but we still wonder about Kate).

    Dropping printers, haven't encountered that one. We had 2 kids putting a magnetic toy to the computer screen when they were in kindergarten - it made "pretty" pictures.

    We only have 1 TV, but many computers. All older ones, but they work. They are even networked together.

    The Cubs have 4 more games to play. Ron Santo is pretty upset when announcing the games. They need to win tonight and have Milwaukee lose.


  3. 25 cents? Haha! Good for you! Though in hindsight, perhaps you should’ve looked inside the printer first or at least checked with the manufacturer to see what cartridges would fit for that particular printer model. Either way, things worked out in your favor that time. Just be more careful, okay?

    Roselia Mangione


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