Saturday, September 8, 2007


This Child of Ours

This child of ours
-this miracle-
You have a dream and plan for him:
You wash him clean,
You cradle him,
You bless him and You call him Yours.

This child of Yours
-this miracle-
reborn of Water and the Word;
the Book of Life
records his name,
You smile and angels celebrate.

This child of ours
-this miracle-
whom Christ would die for, we may love,
and train and raise,
and teach and praise,
and watch the Spirit mold a life.

-Jaroslav J. Vajda

Happy 9th birthday, my sweet, funny, talkative, cuddly Brian.
You are not just loved, you are wanted.
A gift from answer to prayer.

And to my dear friend Holly, who is ALWAYS there and graciously shares her birthday with my youngest son...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...and many, many more! =0)

1 comment:

  1. k I was all touched by the Brian part and then you took me by surprise. That picture of me is really, really scary...


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